Parents of 4

23 06 2011

God has been so gracious to grant us 3 more kiddos to add to our family!

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Gundersen Family Adoption

26 03 2011

On July 13, 2007, our 19-month-old Ugandan son was strollered off the plane at Los Angeles International Airport, like a miraculous international rollercoaster finally pulling into the station. Hundreds of our family, friends, church, coworkers, and even strangers had followed our journey and carried us through with care and prayer, concern and curiosity, sacrifice and support. Four years later, we’ve moved from L.A. to Louisville, from one Christian college ministry to another, from an apartment into a home, and from master’s degrees to a Ph.D. program. Judah David Mukisa Gundersen is now a famously buoyant 5-year-old enjoying life like only a 5-year-old can, with everything that a 5-year-old needs — except brothers and sisters.

We’re now nearing the finish line of our second African adoption (26 months so far), this time praying home 3 more orphans from Rwanda. We pray every night for the “brothers and sisters to come home,” because in Judah’s words, “they don’t have a mommy and daddy and we really want them to be part of our family.” This site was birthed out of our nightly prayers. We’re inviting our family, friends, church, coworkers, and even strangers to jump onto this second international rollercoaster with us, and maybe even help us get through some of the looming toll booths along the way. We don’t want to be presumptuous, but we also don’t want to be passive. We need $15,000 that we don’t have. We’ve sat in our living room together and asked if we should give up, if pulling back would be the choice of wisdom and stewardship, if house payments and tuition bills are all we should try to muster in the next four years. But we can’t forget what we learned after Uganda — that God not only has the ultimate resources for adoption; He actually has the ultimate heart for orphans.

Therefore, we can’t help but believe that every time Daddy finishes the Bible story, turns out the lights, and kneels down beside the bunkbed, and every time Judah grabs his stuffed puppy, pulls the covers up to his chin, and begins to pray his simple prayer — God is listening, and God the Father is stirring. God will hear these former orphans, God will smile on this would-be big brother, and God will bring the brothers and sisters home.